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PICKit 3

SAM-BA software provides an open set of tools for in-system programming of internal and external memories connected to our 32-MCUs and MPUs. You can program your device through the JTAG, debug UART or USB interfaces. If you use the MPU’s secure boot feature, you should use the Secure SAM-BA edition.

The latest generations of MPUs are supported on SAM-BA v3 available on the GitHub

For MCUs and legacy MPUs the latest versions of SAM-BA v2 can be downloaded from the documents tab.

With the SAM-BA monitor residing in on-chip non-volatile memory, you can use SAM-BA as a tool to re-program the MPU or 32-bit MCU, without connecting to the debugger.
If you use the secure boot feature of Microchip’s MPUs, you should use the Secure SAM-BA edition.