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Displays - Segmented

The EV08Z13A is a hardware platform designed to evaluate the Timberwolf ZL380xx Audio Processors. It is designed for use with the Timberwolf Demo Tool & MiTuner. It demonstrates 2-way voice communication, Embedded speech recognition, and Audio event detection. The EV08Z13A is full-featured development kit with included quick start guide for rapid prototyping out of the box.
The LCD Explorer Development Board supports Microchip’s 100-pin Microcontrollers with x8 common Segment LCD Drivers. The LCD Explorer provides an ideal platform for a customer to evaluate a MCU with a x8 Common LCD Driver on a 38 segment x 8 common LCD display. PICtail Plus connections allow a customer to evaluate the selected MCU in a complex system by adding Microchip’s PICtail Plus daughter boards.

The PICDEM LCD 2 Demonstration Board (DM163030) shows the main features of Microchip’s 28, 40, 64 and 80-pin LCD Flash PIC microcontrollers including the LCD voltage booster and contrast controller. It is populated with the PIC18F87J90. Other devices are supported via a transition socket and are available separately. A sample LCD glass display is included for custom prototyping. The glass features 7-segment displays, wipers, thermometers, star bursts, and other common icons.