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Every month of the year, Microchip will offer a new development tool with savings of up to 50% off. These are limited time offers so take advantage while available and supplies last and don't forget to check back every month to see what's new.

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April Development Tool Deals

SAM W25 Xplained Pro (ATSAMW25-XPRO)

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Over 35% Off


The SAM W25 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit is a wireless hardware platform used to evaluate the features of the ATSAMW25H18-MR510PB Wi-Fi® module, which combines the industry-leading, low-power ATWINC1500 System on Chip with an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based ATSAMD21G18A microcontroller.


PIC24FJ256GA7 Curiosity Development Board (DM240016)

Use Coupon Code: TP1902

Save 30%


The PIC24FJ256GA7 Curiosity Development Board is a great way to explore low-cost, eXtreme Low Power microcontrollers. With an integrated programmer/debugger and no additional hardware required, it’s great for rapid prototyping or first-time users looking to try our latest 16-bit PIC24FJ256GA705 family of microcontrollers. 


Automotive Networking Development Board (ADM00716)

Use Coupon Code: TP1903

Save $35


The Automotive Networking Development Board targets CAN, CAN-FD and LIN applications based on 8-, 16- and 32-bit PIC® MCUs. This modular development system features a 100-pin Plug-in Module (PIM) connector for easy device swapping and four mikroBUS™ sockets for using a variety of MikroElectronika click boards™.


chipKIT® Basic I/O Shield (TDGL005)

Use Coupon Code: TP1904

10% off


Add a variety of useful I/O devices to your chipKIT Uno32™ or chipKIT Max32™ boards with the chipKIT Basic I/O Shield. It provides simple features such as buttons, switches and LEDs, as well as more complex devices such as an I2C EEPROM, an I2C temperature sensor, and a 128 x 32-pixel organic LED graphic display to help you build some exciting projects.