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Microchip provides award-winning development tools to move your design from conception to production quickly. Our easy-to-use tools coupled with our extensive support team, software libraries and configurators will have your design up and running in no time.

Software Offerings

All MPLAB® software products are compatible with Windows®, Linux® and Mac® operating systems, while the powerful Atmel Studio, GCC compilers and Atmel START are Windows-compatible. Get your code configured quickly and easily with the MPLAB Code Configurator, Harmony or Atmel Start.
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Programmer, Debugger and Emulator Offerings:

Microchip’s line of programmers, debuggers and emulators are designed to work seamlessly with our software tools for the ultimate ease-of-use—so you can focus on your project. There are three levels of functionality and affordability to choose from.

All PIC® MCU and dsPIC®
MPLAB® PICkit™ 4
Basic feature level and performance
Mid-range feature level and performance
Advanced feature level and performance

In-CIrcuit Emulator and Debugger Features

Microchip offers a wide variety of debugger solutions to fit any performance requirements and budget.

In-Circuit Emulators and Debuggers Table
*Full device support in progress. Please review documentation for complete list of supported devices.

Development Boards and Kits

Microchip has over 2,000 development boards and kits,  spanning hundreds of applications. Reference designs and sample projects are available to help you get started at lightening speed.

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Featured Development Tools

Webinars & Training

Title Abstract Recording Date Duration
Working with MPLAB® XC8 Compiler Optimizations This presentation looks at optimizations performed by the MPLAB XC8 C Compiler that might result in unexpected behavior when debugging. The operation of common optimizations are illustrated as well as ways to suppress them when debugging a project. 2016/02/01 13 min
MPLAB XC Compiler Optimizations This webinar provides an overview of optimizations provided by the MPLAB XC C compilers. It will help you select a minimal set of optimizations, which allow projects to be easily debugged, or enable them all and have the compiler spend more time impr... 2015/11/12 20 min
Before You Debug Using Windows® & MPLAB X IDE Before you start using MPLAB X IDE with hardware debugger tools, for example the MPLAB REAL ICE, you must update the drivers these tools use so that they are compatible with the drivers used by the IDE. This webinar shows you how to do this. If you w... 2014/09/02 23 min
The Quest for Power This webinar looks at the MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor board, which can be used to measure the power requirements of your target board. Discussed are the physical board connections, and the installation and settings for the Power Monitor software p... 2014/08/29 12 min
Microchip Command-line Debugger Most programmers are familiar with using Microchip debuggers in MPLAB X IDE (Integrated Development Environment), but are not aware that the same debuggers can be accessed from a command-line interface. In this webinar we will look at MDB: the Microc... 2013/08/09 11 min
Integrated Programming Environment (IPE) Although MPLAB X IDE can program devices, Microchip has a fast, stand-alone application, called the Integrated Programming Environment (IPE), dedicated to the task of programming. This application has advanced programming features and is especially ... 08/01/2013 13 min
Using the Real-time Data Monitor (RTDM) in the MPLAB X IDE A short presentation showing how you can use the DMCI tools to view and control variables in real time in MPLAB X IDE. 2012/07/03 4 min
Using Runtime Watch in the MPLAB X IDE A short presentation showing how you can use the DMCI tools to view the contents of a variable over time in MPLAB X IDE. 2012/07/03 2 min
Dynamic Data View in the MPLAB X IDE Simulator A short presentation showing how you can use the DMCI tools and the simulator to view in real time the contents of an array in MPLAB X IDE. 2012/07/03 2.5 min