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As gas/water meters continue to pursue lower power consumption the need for highly efficient power supplies and low leakage parts become paramount. Microchip Technology has developed an analog portfolio to help meter designs achieve the next generation targets by lowering both quiescent and operating currents.

A portfolio of precision op-amps help designs achieves the next level of low-cost precision measurements for mechanical meters, ultrasonic flow measurement, and temperature readings. Ultrasonic flow meter designers can significantly reduce cost with a simple yet precise analog signal conditioning circuit coupled with a Microchip MCU with integrated a charge time measurement unit (CTMU).


  • Low quiescent current to maximize battery life
  • I2C™ temperature sensors with 0.5 accuracy
  • Fewer components with LDOs
  • Low-noise op-amps
Tabs / Utility Metering Solutions
Reference Designs

Utility Metering

Title Part Number Devices Supported
MCP6L02 & PIC18F65J90 1-Phase Energy Meter ARD00370 MCP6L02, MCP1754S, MCP1703, MCP2200, 24FC256, PIC18F65J90
MCP3911 & PIC18F85K90 1-Phase Energy Meter ARD00385 MCP3911, MCP1703, MCP2200, MCP6001, PIC18F85K90
MCP39F521 Power Meter ADM00686 MCP39F521, MCP1754S, MCP2221, MCP9700
MCP39F511 Power Meter ADM00667 MCP39F511, MCP2221, MCP6021, MCP9700
MCP39F11N Power Meter ADM00706 MCP39F511N, MCP1754S, MCP2221
MCP39F501 Power Meter ARD00455 MCP39F501, MCP1754S, MCP2200, MCP9700
MCP3905A Energy Meter MCP3905RD-PM1 MCP3905A, MCP3906A

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