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Measurement AFEs

As utilities require more and more smart functions like demand response (load shedding, shifting and shaping), tariff management and communications into their designs, designers face the classic challenge–How to design for today's market while keeping their options open for future changes. One way of providing the most flexible and "future proofing" design is to separate the front-end signal acquisition (the metrology) from the processing of the information and applications housekeeping. This allows the designer to get the highest accuracy signal acquisition available in an Analog Front End (AFE) while having the ability to perform in field updates as standards and systems evolve. Alternatively, energy measurement ICs and system-on-chip (SoC) products, which provide power calculations, provide quick and straightforward solutions for efficient designs.
Image of PIC18F87J72 and MCP3901


  • Simultaneously sampled 24-bit ΔΣ ADCs
  • Multi-channel solutions for single- and poly-phase metering
  • Industry leading accuracy
    • Up to 94.5 dB SINAD
    • Down to -107 dBc THD
    • Up to 112 dB SFDR
  • Enables 0.1% typical Active Power Measurement Error 
    over a 10,000:1 Dynamic Range
  • Programmable date rates to 125 ksps
  • High Integration
    • Internal low drift voltage reference
    • Phase compensation
    • Onboard calculations and SoC solutions
    • 16-bit CRC checksum
  • Energy calculation libraries
  • Low power consumption
  • Extended temperature range
Tabs / Utility Metering Solutions
Reference Designs

Utility Metering

Title Part Number Devices Supported
MCP6L02 & PIC18F65J90 1-Phase Energy Meter ARD00370 MCP6L02, MCP1754S, MCP1703, MCP2200, 24FC256, PIC18F65J90
MCP3911 & PIC18F85K90 1-Phase Energy Meter ARD00385 MCP3911, MCP1703, MCP2200, MCP6001, PIC18F85K90
MCP39F521 Power Meter ADM00686 MCP39F521, MCP1754S, MCP2221, MCP9700
MCP39F511 Power Meter ADM00667 MCP39F511, MCP2221, MCP6021, MCP9700
MCP39F11N Power Meter ADM00706 MCP39F511N, MCP1754S, MCP2221
MCP39F501 Power Meter ARD00455 MCP39F501, MCP1754S, MCP2200, MCP9700
MCP3905A Energy Meter MCP3905RD-PM1 MCP3905A, MCP3906A

Metering Video Channel