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XMEGA-B1 Xplained


The XMEGA-B1 Xplained evaluation kit is a hardware platform for evaluating the ATxmega128B1 microcontroller. The kit offers a range of features that enable the AVR XMEGA user to get started using AVR XMEGA peripherals right away and understand how to integrate the AVR XMEGA device in their own design.

    • Atmel ATxmega128B1 microcontroller
    • 4x40 transflective LCD module with backlight
    • Transfer data over the USB full/low speed device interface
    • Read a light sensor with the ADC
    • Read a temperature sensor with the ADC
    • Measure external voltage input with ADC
    • Measure potentiometer voltage with ADC
    • Read status of the 4 Atmel QTouch?? buttons from AT42QT1040 QTouch device
    • 4 LEDs to show status information
    • Read/write data to the 64Mbit Atmel DataFlash
    • Program the kit via USB bootloader or an Atmel programmer
    • Expand the board with Xplained top modules
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