Microchip Technology Inc

ATmega168PB Xplained Mini

Part Number: ATMEGA168PB-XMINI

The ATmega168PB Xplained Mini evaluation kit is a hardware platform for evaluating the ATmega168PB microcontroller. The evaluation kit comes with a fully-integrated debugger that provides seamless integration with Atmel Studio. The kit provides access to the features of the ATmega168PB enabling easy integration of the device in a custom design.

    • On-board debugger with full source-level debugging support in Atmel Studio
    • Auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio
    • Access to all signals on target MCU
    • One green status LED
    • One mechanical user pushbutton
    • Virtual COM port (CDC)
    • 16MHz target clk
    • USB-powered
    • Arduino shield-compatible foot prints
    • Target SPI bus header foot print
    • Xplained Pro extension headers can easily be strapped in