Microchip Technology Inc


Part Number: AT91SAM9X25-EK

The SAM9X25-EK Evaluation Kit enables rapid evaluaton and code development of applications running on a SAM9X25 device.

    • 400MHz CPU
    • External memory
    • DDR2-SDRAM (1Gb)
    • NAND Flash (2 or 4Gb)
    • Three USB ports
    • HS (EHCI) and FS (OHCI) Host, multiplexed with HS USB Device via Micro AB connector
    • HS (EHCI) and FS (OHCI) Host, via standard type A connector
    • FS only (OHCI) Host, via standard type A connector
    • Two Ethernet 10/100 interfaces with on-board MAC controllers and RJ45 sockets
    • Two high-speed SD/MMC interfaces
    • One stereo CODEC interface with line-in and headphone jacks
    • Two CAN interfaces
    • One telephone/modem interface with RJ11 connector
    • Three serial interfaces (2x USART, 1x UART)
    • One Two-wire Interface (TWI)
    • One ZigBee?? extension port