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MCP1665 12V Boost Converter Eval Bd

Part Number: ADM00865

The MCP1665 12V output boost regulator evaluation board is intended to provide a platform allowing customers to easily evaluate the features of the MCP1665 device in a typical boost toplogy while also providing a reference for proper choice and layout of components that are critical to switching regulator implementations.

    The MCP1665 12V Output Boost Regulator Evaluation Board has the following features:
    · Typical 12V Output when supplied from a low-input voltage source
    · Input Voltage range (VIN): 3V to 5V, with VIN < VOUT
    · Output Current: max 1 A @ 12V Output with 5V Input
    · Enabled state is selectable by using EN jumper
    · Light-load power saving method is selectable by toggling the MODE switch
    · Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
    o UVLO Start: 2.9V
    o UVLO Stop: 2.7V
    · PWM/PFM Operation
    · PWM Switching Frequency: 500 kHz
    · Peak Input Current Limit of 3.6A (typical)
    · Internal Compensation, so no compensation network is needed on the board
    · Soft Start
    · Protection in case of feedback pin shorted to GND
    · Overtemperature Protection (if the die temperature exceeds +150°C, with 15°C hysteresis)
    1x MCP1665 12V Boost Converter Eval Bd (ADM00865)