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Application Softwares

A number of demonstration softwares are available in MPLAB Harmony Software Framework and ASF to help quickstart application development.

MPLAB Harmony Application Help.

Application Demos for PIC32

  • LCC
This demonstration provides the ability to display alpha blend and gradient colors through the software graphics controller. The demonstration renders four folders for alpha blend, gradient, picture-in-picture (PIP), and performance for all PIC32 devices.
  • Object
The object demonstration enables screen design using the MPLAB Harmony Graphics Composer through the standard types of objects/widgets that exist in the Graphics Object Layer (GOL) of the Graphics Library. The demonstration is composed of several pages of examples.
  • Primitive
The Primitive example demonstrates primitive rendering of geometry, images, and fonts. The demonstration displays various circles, lines, rectangles, images depths, alias and non-aliased fonts
  • S1D13517
This demonstration shows how gradients, scrolling, background drawing, speed testing, alpha-blending, and application capabilities using the Epson (S1D13517) graphics controller that resides on the Graphics Controller PICtail™ Plus Epson S1D13517 Board.
  • SSD1926
The SSD1926 demonstration shows how to decode of JPEG images from an SD card utilizing the JPEG decoder capabilities of the Solomon Systech SSD1926 graphics controller.
The gfx_camera demo exercises the Omnivision camera sensor running on the MEB II. It utilizes LCC graphics with the DMA of the PIC32 to bring graphics from a camera sensor to an LCD without the need of a graphics controller.
This demonstration application creates a GFX USB CDC Device that enumerates as a single COM port on the host personal computer. The application demonstrates two-way communication between the USB device and the personal computer host. The application allows the user to enter keypad digits and a backspace from a PC host USB/Serial program to the GFX UI keypad edit box display.
This demonstration application shows the capabilities of GFX, USB middleware, and the SQI. In this demonstration, off-chip SQI Flash memory (SST26VF032) is used as a medium to store images through the USB-CDC, XMODEM protocol, and then render those images on the MEB II display through the GFX Stack.
  • Segger_emWIN
The segger_emwin demo provides the ability to display some of the many features supported by the SEGGER emWin Graphics Library as a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) demonstration
  • Media_image_viewer
Media_image_viewer demonstration provides the ability to load and render image files via a FAT32 File System stored on external SD card media. The image formats supported in this demonstration includes JPEG, BMP, static GIF, transparent GIF and animated GIF. The application also demonstrates the ability of the MPLAB Harmony Graphics Library to automatically perform best-fit to the screen by down-sizing images with a higher pixel resolution than the screen.
  • Graphics_showcase
Demonstrates a sub-set of capabilities offered by the Graphics Library utilizing Low-Cost Controllerless features and the MTCH6303 PCAP Touch Controller
  • External_resources
This demonstration provides information on how to access graphics resources that are stored on external memory.
  • Emwin_quickstart
Demonstrates integration of SEGGER emWin GUI application code with MPLAB Harmony

Application Demos for 32-bit SAM devices

  • graphic library example for the SAME70-XPLAINED
Graphic library graphic primitives example. Draw graphics shapes to a connected LCD display.
  • ILI9488 LCD Controller example for SAME70 Xplained
This example demonstrates how to configure the ILI9488 LCD controller to draw pictures and strings on the display.