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Programmable Logic

ATDH2200E Configurator Programming Kit

Part Number: ATDH2200E

No Longer Available
AT17 series FPGA configuration memory programming board and in-system programming system (ISP). It is used with the CPS software running on a Windows 2K/XP PC with a LPT port.


Part Number: ATDH2225

No Longer Available
ISP cable with a parallel port to attach to PCs and laptops. It supports the AT17xx family of configuration memories for configuring SRAM FPGAs.
Programming software for the AT17 family of FPGA configuration memory and AT94S secure FPSLIC devices. It is used with the ATDH2200E configurator programming kit or with the ATDH2225 ISP cable to program AT17 or AT94S devices. It is part of the system designer software suite supported on Windows 98, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems.