Free MPLAB® XC32++ Compiler Software License

Congratulations, you’re almost there.

Please read and follow the instructions for your free MPLAB® XC32++ compiler license download:

  1. Install the MPLAB XC32 compiler or the latest version if you haven’t done so already. If you already have the latest version of the MPLAB XC32 compiler, you can skip this step.
    1. From the sidebar on the left, click on the “XC32” type appropriate for your system—either, Windows, Linux, or OS X (Apple).
    2. Run the executable file to install the software on the computer you wish to use the MPLAB XC32++ compiler on.
      1. If you don’t have an MPLAB XC32 compiler license (for PRO or Standard Editions), you can run the Free Edition of the compiler.
  2. Get the Media Access Control (MAC) address of your computer.
    1. Execute the command “xclm –hostinfo” from a command window on the computer on which you installed the MPLAB XC32 compiler, to get your MAC address.
  3. Enter the MAC address into the field, select your operating system and click on “Get free XC32++ License”.

    Your MAC Address:  
    Your OS:
     Get free XC32++ license
  4. Run the file obtained after pressing the button above on the computer on which you installed the MPLAB XC32 compiler.
    On Windows, run the batch file cpluslic.bat from a command window. On Linux or OSX, run the Bourne shell script as follows: “bash”. Your compiler installation will now be licensed for C++, with the ‘free’ level of optimization enabled.