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Switchtec™ Gen 4 PCIe® Switch Evaluation Kit

Status: In Production


  • PCIe Interface
  • PCIe Clock Interface
  • Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)
  • Peripheral I/O Interfaces
  • FPGA Functionality
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Device Overview


The PM42100-KIT Switchtec Gen 4 PCIe Switch Evaluation Kit is used to evaluate the Switchtec Gen 4 PCIe family of switches.

The kit contains an evaluation board, cables and ChipLink Diagnostic Tools software. ChipLink is a convenient and easy-to-use Windows®/Mac®/Linux®-based GUI that provides access to all hardware functions and status information.

The kit operates with a PCIe® host and supports the connection of multiple host entities to multiple endpoint devices.

Additional Features
  • PCIe Interface
    • 1 ×16 edge connector for connection to a host
    • 1 ×16 slot connector for add-in cards
    • 16 ×4 PCIe OCuLink connectors to provide flexibility for a host or an end-point connection
  • PCIe Clock Interface
    • Common reference clock with or without Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC)
    • Separate Reference Clock No SSC (SRNS)
    • Separate Reference Clock With Independent SSC (SRIS)
  • Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)
    • 2 quad SPI buses
    • 128 Mb on-board SPI Flash for bootup and initialization
  • Peripheral I/O Interfaces
    • 11 two-wire (TWI)/SMBus interfaces
    • 128-Kbps SEEPROM for storage and PCIe switch configuration
    • TWI bus access and connectivity to the temperature sensor, fan controller, voltage monitor, GPIO and TWI expanders, PCIe connectors, OCuLink sideband and FPGA
    • 110 GPIOs with 3 dedicated as GPIOs; 106 GPIOs are multiplexed to provide TWI, SPI, SGPIO, Ethernet and UART interfaces
    • UART access using USB type B and 3-pin connector header
    • 14-pin EJTAG connector header for Green Hills Software probe connectivity (PSX only)
    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet supporting MII and RMII
  • FPGA Functionality
    • Drive board status LEDs
    • Monitor interrupts from I/O expanders and PCIe OCuLink cables
    • Control and monitor power regulator output
    • Manage board and switch reset
  • Power Supply
    • 0.82V and 1.8V power rails supplied by on-board regulators
    • PCIe switch sense points for monitoring and measuring power rail voltages
    • 12V power provided through 8-pin CPU power connector or 6-pin PCIe connector or PCIe edge connector (add-in card)
  • ChipLink Diagnostic Tools Features
    • Access to registers in the PCIe switch
    • Configuration of high-speed analog settings for signal integrity evaluation
    • Monitoring of status and mode indicators
  • Kit Requirements (Supplied Separately) - Required for operation of the kit and must be supplied separately:
    • Personal computer running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
    • ATX 750 W power supply, 1 × 6-pin PCIe connect and one 8-pin CPU power connector (we recommend a Corsair CX750M ATX power supply)
  • Optional (Supplied Separately)
    • NVMe/PCIe SSD
    • High-speed oscilloscope for performing eye-diagram measurements
    • Jitter analyzer for analyzing jitter components
    • For PSX only: Green Hills MULTI® development environment and EJTAG debugger for firmware development
  • Optional Evaluation Kit Adapter Cards (Purchased Separately)
    • ADP_EDGEG4: PCIe Gen 4 1x16 Edge to 4 x 4 OcuLink adapter card (Converts a x16 Edge PCIe interface to an OCuLink PCIe interface or vice-versa)
    • ADP_SLOTG4: PCIe Gen 4 1x16 slot to 4 x 4 OcuLink adapter card (Converts a x16 slot PCIe interface to an OCuLink PCIe interface or vice-versa)
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