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Demo & Evaluation Boards
DT-USB5734 Development Board
DT-USB5734 Development Board ( DT-USB5734 )
(Not Recommended for new design)

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EVB-USB5734 USB3.1 Gen1 Controller Hub Evaluation Board
EVB-USB5734 USB3.1 Gen1 Controller Hub Evaluation Board ( EVB-USB5734 )

The EVB-USB5734 is a demonstration and evaluation platform that provides the necessary requirements and interface options for evaluating the USB5734 Smart Hub on a 4-layer RoHS-compliant Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This will allow the user to gain an understanding of the product and accelerate the integration of the EVB-USB5734 into the user’s design. The EVB-USB5734 is compliant with the...

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Software Libraries
MPLAB® Connect Configurator - Programming and Configuration Utility

Follow this link for the latest revision of the MPLAB® Connect Configurator -> Click


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ProTouch2 USB57X4 Linux SDK

Protouch2  Linux  SDK  allows  the  user  to  access  the  USB57X4  family  of  Microchip  hubs.  It  can  also  be...

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ProTouch2 USB57X4 MAC SDK

Protouch2  MAC  SDK  allows  the  user  to  access  the  USB57X4  family  of  Microchip  hubs.  It  can  also  be...

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