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Demo & Evaluation Boards
MIC28515 75V/5A HLL Step Down Eval Board
MIC28515 75V/5A HLL Step Down Eval Board ( ADM00845 )

The MIC28515 75V/5A HLL Step Down Evaluation Board allows for the evaluation of the MIC28515 Syncronous Buck Switcher over an input supply range of 4.5V to 75V while providing 5A. The device operates with a programable switching frequency from 270kHz to 800kHz and with two selectable modes: CCM or HLL to improve efficiency at light loads.

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Software Libraries
Analog Simulation - MIC28515

The MIC28514/15 is a wide input range (4.5V-75V) integrated FET, 5A switching regulators. The MIC28514/15 is leveraging the latest enhanced high voltage COT controllers co-packaged with...

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