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Demo & Evaluation Boards
Reference Design - Qi® Wireless Power Micro-Receiver
Reference Design - Qi® Wireless Power Micro-Receiver ( Qi-Wireless-AN3441 )

The Microchip Wireless Power Micro-Receiver allows users to quickly add wireless charging functionality to their projects without having to deal with complex specific protocols or state machines. This receiver is implemented using a general purpose 8-bit microcontroller and is a flexible, low-cost alternative to the common wireless charging solutions based on ASICs. The receiver is compatible


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Reference Design - Qi® Wireless 15W Receiver
Reference Design - Qi® Wireless 15W Receiver ( Qi-Wireless-15W-Receiver )

The advanced Microchip wireless receiver is compatible with Qi 1.2 base stations and is able to draw up to 15W of power that can be used to run portable devices or charge batteries. It allows users to quickly incorporate this receiver into their designs without dealing with the Qi protocol state machine and communication.

This implementation consists of a wireless receiver and a


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Humidity Sensor PICtail Demo Bd
Humidity Sensor PICtail Demo Bd ( PIC16F690DM-PCTLHS )

This board supports the capacitive humidity sensor application note AN1016. It measures the capacitance of a relative humidity sensor plugged into the board. The on-board microcontroller sends the measured and calculated relative humidity (RH) to a PC for display.

The board can also measure small capacitors in different ranges of values using a dual slope integration method. The...

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Software Libraries
Analog Simulation - Active Filters

These active filter circuit examples use cascaded amplifier stages that are configured for first- or second-order filter sections. The filter amplifiers operate in a single-supply configuration, and...

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Analog Simulation - MPLAB Mindi

Microchip’s MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator reduces circuit design time and risk by simulating analog circuits prior to hardware prototyping. The simulation tool uses a


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