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Demo & Evaluation Boards
MCP23X08/17 GPIO Exp Keypad/LCD Demo
MCP23X08/17 GPIO Exp Keypad/LCD Demo ( GPIODM-KPLCD )

The GPIO Expander Keypad and LCD Demo Board is designed to demonstrate the use of the MCP23S08/17 (SPI interface) and the MCP23008/17 (I2C interface) devices in a keypad and LCD example. The MCP23X17 (16-bit) devices interface to a 2x16 LCD module and the MCP23X08 (8-bit) devices interface to a 4x4 keyed matrix.

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MCP23X17 Evaluation Board
MCP23X17 Evaluation Board ( MCP23X17EV )

The MCP23X17 16-bit GPIO Expander Evaluation Board demonstrates simple input/output functionality of the MCP23017 (I2C interface) and the MCP23S17 (SPI interface). The system demonstrates the simplicity of monitoring four pins configured as inputs and applying a predetermined pattern on LEDs connected to the remaining 12 pins configured as outputs.

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