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Demo & Evaluation Boards
MCP2210 Breakout Module
MCP2210 Breakout Module ( ADM00419 )

The MCP2210 Breakout Module can be used with either the MCP2210 Motherboard or as a standalone USB to SPI (Master) bridge module. The breakout board provides all the needed signals in order to assist the user in building their own boards using the MCP2210. The MCP2210 Utility software allows custom device configuration. In addition, a DLL package is also available in order to allow development of...

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MCP2210 Evaluation Kit
MCP2210 Evaluation Kit ( ADM00421 )

The MCP2210 Evaluation Kit is a development and evaluation platform for the MCP2210 device. The MCP2210 Motherboard is designed to work together with the MCP2210 Breakout Board. The motherboard provides the test points needed for measurements and it also contains the following SPI slave chips:
- MCP23S08 – 8 bit I/O expander
- MCP3204 – 4 channel, 12-bit ADC

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