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Demo & Evaluation Boards
Voltage Supervisor Evaluation Board
Voltage Supervisor Evaluation Board ( VSUPEV )
(Not Recommended for new design)

The Voltage Supervisor SOT23 Evaluation Board allows the system designer to quickly evaluate the operation of Microchip’s Voltage Supervisors and Voltage Detectors in the SOT-23-3 package. The board has been made generic so that other SOT-23-3 devices (such as LDOs and Voltage References) may also be evaluated using this board. This kit comes with four blank PCBs to allow the designer to...

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Software Libraries
Analog Simulation - MCP1700

The MCP1700 is a CMOS low dropout positive voltage regulator which can source up to 250mA of current with an extremely low input-output voltage differential of 178mV at 250mA. The low dropout voltage...

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