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Demo & Evaluation Boards
HV9961DB1 Demo Board
HV9961DB1 Demo Board ( HV9961DB1 )

The HV9961 demoboard is a high-brightness LED driver employing average-mode constant current control scheme. The power conversion stage of the HV9961DB1 consists of a diode bridge rectifier followed by a buck converter operating with fixed off-time of 20μs.  The HV9961DB1 LED driver features tight regulation of the LED current within a few milliamps over the entire range of the input AC...

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Software Libraries
Analog Simulation - HV9961

The HV9961 is an average current mode control LED driver IC operating in a constant off-time mode. Unlike HV9910B, this control IC does not produce a peak-to-average error, and therefore greatly...

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