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Webseminar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to load any software to view a 'live' webseminar?
There is no special software or plugin that is required to view a live webseminar. You will need an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape to view the video portion of the seminar and a phone line to get the audio portion.
How do I get the audio for a 'live' webseminar?
The audio portion of our webseminars is delivered via your phone. The phone number and access code for a live webseminar is always included in the confirmation email that you will receive after registering for a webseminar. The phone number and access code is also listed in the upper left hand corner of the screen once the webseminar begins.
Is there a cost associated with a 'live' webseminar?
All webseminars are free, although for attendees outside the U.S., long distance rates will apply for the phone (audio) connection. There are no phone charges for people within the U.S.
What is an 'archived' webseminar?
An archived webseminar is simply a presentation that has been recorded on a previous date. The archived presentation can be downloaded as a Windows™ Media file and can be viewed as a streaming file, or downloaded to your own computer for viewing whenever you want. A .pdf file is also available with the slides that were presented and any speaker notes that are available.
I cannot see the video while viewing an archived presentation - why?
Some viewers have experienced issues when viewing an archived presentation that prevents them from seeing the video portion of the presentation. The audio comes across, but not the image of the slides. If you are experiencing this type of issue, click here for more information.
Do I need to load any software to view an archived webseminar?
The archived presentations are presented as a Windows™ Media file. You will need the Windows Media Player to view this file. You can download the Windows Media Player for free from Microsoft.