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Controlling High Brightness LEDs using the dsPIC GS series of SMPS controllers

Recording Date: 08/22/2010
Duration: 13


This webinar will cover some of the basic characteristics of LEDs including their advantages, and then talk about a technique to digitally control their brightness. Additionally, it will cover how low-power LEDs are driven and why other methods are needed for High Brightness LEDs and the advantages of using a dsPIC ?GS? series Digital Signal Controller. Finally, we will look at Buck and Boost converters for controlling High Brightness LEDs, and review a list of supporting documents which provide more details on the topics covered in this seminar.

PresenterMichael Curran, Applications Engineer

Mike joined Microchip in 2006 an an intern with the Analog and Interface Product Division (AIPD). In 2007 Mike Graduated from Devry University with a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering Technology and joined the High Performance Microcontroller Division. Since 2007 Mike has been involved with both SMPS and Motor Control related applications using 16-bit MCU and DSP's.

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