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TCP/IP Networking Part 3: Advanced Web-Based Control

Recording Date: 09/20/2007
Duration: 16 min


Adding network capabilities to an embedded device doesn?t have to be complicated. Microchip?s TCP/IP Stack takes care of most of the work, allowing you to quickly add network functionality to any design. In this session, we?ll add online product name and price setting to our web-enabled vending machine application. To accomplish this, the POST method is explained in detail, allowing our application to receive unlimited lengths of data from any web form.

PresenterElliott Wood, Applications Engineer, Microcontroller Architecture Division (AMAD)

Elliott Wood is an Applications Engineer with the Advanced Microcontroller Architecture Division (AMAD) at Microchips headquarters in Chandler, AZ. He received his bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and joined Microchip as one of the engineers responsible for Microchips Ethernet products. As a main developer for Microchips TCP/IP Stack, he has written the HTTP2 web server module and associated MPFS2 file system. Elliott also brings a strong background in website development, and has worked extensively on encryption support for the TCP/IP Stack.

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