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Capacitive mTouch Sensing Solutions: Design Guidelines

Recording Date: 02/19/2008
Duration: 17 min


This webseminar expands on topics covered in Introduction to mTouch Capacitive Touch Sensing by discussing some basic design guidelines. Touch sensor construction, layout and covering material selection suggestions are explored and related back to the capacitance equation to optimize Capacitive mTouch designs.

PresenterMarc McComb, Technical Training Engineer

Marc is a Technical Training Engineer in the Security, Microcontroller and Technology Division here at Microchip. His main responsibilities include developing training material for customers on Microchip's 8-bit microcontrollers. Marc graduated from the Electronics Engineering Technology Program specializing in Microelectronics in 2006 from St-Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Prior to returning to school at the age of 34, he worked as a Paramedic for 13 years.

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