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Introduction to the UNI/O EEPROM Family

Recording Date: 04/10/2008
Duration: 18 min


When small size or I/O resources on the microcontroller are a concern and non-volatile memory is required, the UNI/OTM EEPROM Family is another option. This seminar begins with a brief overview of the serial buses used in today?s mainstream EEPROMs, followed by a comparison of the new UNI/OTM Bus protocol. Since this new bus only uses a single I/O port for communication, it gives engineers another option for miniaturization and lower system costs. As the seminar progresses, the main features of this new memory are shown along with the advanced features never before seen in a single EEPROM device. Finally, there is a discussion on an easy way to evaluate UNI/O EEPROMs using existing customer hardware and Microchip?s software drivers.

PresenterAlex Martinez, Product Marketing Manager, Memory Products Division

As a marketing manager for Microchip's memory products, Alex's function is in both strategic and tactical roles when bringing new serial EEPROM products to market. Before joining Microchip, he worked as a hardware and firmware engineer at Motorola, where he designed digital radios and communications systems for the military. Alex has a B.S in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University with a broad experience in engineering, sales and marketing.

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