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Microchip's EUI-48 Enabled MAC Address Chips

Recording Date: 05/05/2009
Duration: 15 min


MAC addresses are needed to help identify the physical address of a network hardware device. The IEEE defines two standards for MAC addresses, the EUI-48? and EUI-64?. Microchip?s new family of MAC address chips come with uniquely pre-programmed EUI-48? node addresses and are EUI-64? compatible. These chips also come 1.5Kb of EEPROM to help store routing tables and configuration data. This webinar focuses on the types of MAC addresses, where to go about getting one today and the key benefits and advantages of Microchip?s MAC address chips including: low cost, flexibility, easy access and no volume restrictions. Finally, it goes over an application example to show you how to get set-up quickly.

PresenterAditya Rao, Product Marketing Engineer, Memory Products Div.

Aditya is a Product Marketing Engineer with Microchip's Memory Product Division. He is responsible for providing strategic and tactical marketing support for Microchip's serial memory product line. Aditya obtained his masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University and joined the Microchip's Memory Products Division in 2007, prior to that he interned as a design engineer at Intel Corporation.

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