The following steps should be taken to cut a branch in SVN (assuming $username is set to your savannah username):

  1. Check out a fresh source tree from SVN trunk.

  2. Update the NEWS file with pending release number and commit to SVN trunk: Change Changes since avr-libc-<last_release>: to Changes in avr-libc-<this_relelase>.

  3. Set the branch-point tag (setting <major> and <minor> accordingly): svn copy svn+ssh://$ svn+ssh://$<major>_<minor>-branchpoint

  4. Create the branch: svn copy svn+ssh://$ svn+ssh://$<major>_<minor>-branch

  5. Update the package version in and commit to SVN trunk: Change minor number to next odd value.

  6. Update the NEWS file and commit to SVN trunk: Add Changes since avr-libc-<this_release>:

  7. Check out a new tree for the branch: svn co svn+ssh://$<major>_<minor>-branch

  8. Update the package version in and commit to SVN branch: Change the patch number to 90 to denote that this now a branch leading up to a release. Be sure to leave the <date> part of the version.

  9. Bring the build system up to date by running bootstrap and configure.

  10. Perform a 'make distcheck' and make sure it succeeds. This will create the snapshot source tarball. This should be considered the first release candidate.

  11. Upload the snapshot tarball to savannah.

  12. Update the bug tracker interface on Savannah: Bugs > Edit field values > Release / Fixed Release

  13. Announce the branch and the branch tag to the avr-libc-dev list so other developers can checkout the branch.