These sections are used to define the startup code from reset up through the start of main(). These all are subparts of the .text section.

The purpose of these sections is to allow for more specific placement of code within your program.


Sometimes, it is convenient to think of the .initN and .finiN sections as functions, but in reality they are just symbolic names which tell the linker where to stick a chunk of code which is not a function. Notice that the examples for asm and C can not be called as functions and should not be jumped into.

The .initN sections are executed in order from 0 to 9.


Weakly bound to __init(). If user defines __init(), it will be jumped into immediately after a reset.


Unused. User definable.


In C programs, weakly bound to initialize the stack, and to clear __zero_reg__ (r1).


Unused. User definable.


For devices with > 64 KB of ROM, .init4 defines the code which takes care of copying the contents of .data from the flash to SRAM. For all other devices, this code as well as the code to zero out the .bss section is loaded from libgcc.a.