Table of Contents

<alloca.h>: Allocate space in the stack
<assert.h>: Diagnostics
<ctype.h>: Character Operations
<errno.h>: System Errors
<inttypes.h>: Integer Type conversions
<math.h>: Mathematics
<setjmp.h>: Non-local goto
<stdint.h>: Standard Integer Types
<stdio.h>: Standard IO facilities
<stdlib.h>: General utilities
<string.h>: Strings
<avr/boot.h>: Bootloader Support Utilities
<avr/cpufunc.h>: Special AVR CPU functions
<avr/eeprom.h>: EEPROM handling
<avr/fuse.h>: Fuse Support
<avr/interrupt.h>: Interrupts
<avr/io.h>: AVR device-specific IO definitions
<avr/lock.h>: Lockbit Support
<avr/pgmspace.h>: Program Space Utilities
<avr/power.h>: Power Reduction Management
Additional notes from <avr/sfr_defs.h>
<avr/sfr_defs.h>: Special function registers
<avr/signature.h>: Signature Support
<avr/sleep.h>: Power Management and Sleep Modes
<avr/version.h>: avr-libc version macros
<avr/wdt.h>: Watchdog timer handling
<util/atomic.h> Atomically and Non-Atomically Executed Code Blocks
<util/crc16.h>: CRC Computations
<util/delay.h>: Convenience functions for busy-wait delay loops
<util/delay_basic.h>: Basic busy-wait delay loops
<util/parity.h>: Parity bit generation
<util/setbaud.h>: Helper macros for baud rate calculations
<util/twi.h>: TWI bit mask definitions
<compat/deprecated.h>: Deprecated items
<compat/ina90.h>: Compatibility with IAR EWB 3.x
Demo projects
Combining C and assembly source files
A simple project
A more sophisticated project
Using the standard IO facilities
Example using the two-wire interface (TWI)