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Microchip Livestream Events

Microchip’s livestream events provide a way for you to connect with the engineers who are at the heart of our latest product offerings. Every livestream allows you to learn and ask questions as Microchip's engineers discuss practical ways to design, prototype and take your next big idea to production. To get advance notice of upcoming Livestream events, click on the “Subscribe Today” link to go to our YouTube channel and enable notifications by clicking on the “Subscribe” button, or use the “Join Our Mailing List” link to get email notifications

Past Livestream Events

If you missed any of our past events, or if you would like to watch them again, look through this archive to find playlists grouped by topic. In each section, you will also find helpful links to the various resources discussed during each livestream.

Coffee Break Embedded Design Livestream Playlist

All You Need Is 20 Minutes

"Coffee Break" is a series of live broadcasts designed to give you a kick-start on a particular topic by offering insight and advice from experts in their field. Walk away having learned something new for the day and with a few nuggets of wisdom to use on your next embedded design journey.

IoT Design Week 2020 Playlist
Getting Started and Rapid Prototyping Livestream Playlist

Prototyping Toolbox

Getting to Know Your MPLAB® Xpress Evaluation Board


Rapid Prototyping: Click boards in Atmel START

Four Crucial Components of Your Next Internet of Things Design


Signal Control and Processing Livestream Playlist

Prototyping Toolbox

Bringing Analog Signals into the Digital World

Think Outside the CPU: MCU Signal Processing Without Using the Core

Three New Ways to Use Your Microcontroller’s On-Chip I/O


Discrete Components Livestream Playlist
Taking Your Idea to Market Livestream Playlist

Idea to Market Toolbox

From Idea to Finished Product: Interview with Engineering Design Partner President


Internet of Things Playlist
Human Machine Interface Playlist