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IoT Design Week

Get on the Right Path with Your Internet of Things Design

IoT Design Week is a free digital event hosted by Microchip to help designers like you create innovative solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Each day of the week focuses on a different IoT theme and features livestreams, demos, expert Q&A sessions and free samples. During this event, experts from Microchip and our partner companies discuss a variety of timely topics, including wireless connectivity, designing for smart homes, artificial intelligence and implementing security in the cloud. You can get insider IoT design tips, view new educational videos, access the latest tutorials, collect free samples and get on track with your own IoT design.

This event is completely digital, so you can tune in from anywhere in the world. Livestreams will be streamed out of our headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, and content will be curated and posted through Microchip's LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Join Us for IoT Design Week 2020

IoT Design Week 2020 is starting on Monday, March 9. Join us for our daily livestreams on these topics:

  • Home Automation
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT Security from Cloud to Edge
  • Maker Day
  • Low-Power Sensor Networks

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