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Smart Embedded Vision

Lowest-Power Programmable Machine Vision Solutions with PolarFire® FPGAs

As compute workloads move to the edge, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are becoming the preferred solutions for creating a variety of next-generation designs. Our PolarFire FPGA Smart Embedded Vision solutions open new possibilities for implementing smart, connected and secure systems that rely on visual data to make decisions. PolarFire FPGAs offer 30-50% lower total power than competing midrange FPGAs, with 5-10 times lower static power, making them ideal for a new range of compute-intensive edge devices, especially those deployed in thermally and power constrained environments. Our low-power, small form-factor Smart Embedded Vision solutions include video, imaging and machine learning IP and tools for accelerating high-performance designs across the industrial, medical, broadcast, automotive, aerospace and defense markets.

Key Benefits:

  • Low power consumption extends battery life in devices like drones, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) headsets, automotive Head-up Displays (HUDs) and portable ultrasound machines 
  • Highly integrated, small form-factor solutions starting at 11 × 11 mm support industry-standard interfaces including MIPI and HDMI
  • 25% higher-efficiency Digital Signal Processing (DSP) math blocks deliver 2–4 times better performance for implementing deep learning, vision-based inference applications in edge and fog devices
  • Total solution includes an ecosystem of intellectual property, development kits, tools, reference designs and partners to help you get started with your embedded vision design