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Accelerate Industrial and Automotive Designs with SAM Microcontrollers

Whether designing an industrial or automotive application, the power of SAM microcontrollers (MCUs) can enhance your design. Focus your time on creating differentiated designs with innovative capabilities with a portfolio that includes a wide variety of connectivity options and performance ranges.

Car Automotive Screen and Wheel


With the growing role of embedded electronics across various functions in automobiles, it is important to develop with reliable, long-lasting, industry standard solutions that scale across application needs in these markets. From door handle sensors to high-end in car infotainment, cost-effective microcontrollers enable platform-based solutions and preserve software investment while increasing system reliability, safety and security. Our automotive-grade (AEC-Q100 qualified) SAM microcontrollers provide:

  • Design flexibility with a product portfolio ranging from low (48 MHz), mid-range (120 MHz) and high-end (300 MHz) with 32 KB to 2 MB of memory to serve automotive design needs
  • Significant time and cost savings with the ability to repurpose code across multiple projects by using a common development environment
  • Increased vehicle safety with built-in error correction logic. Ability to operate at 5V helps with reducing system noise, ensuring continuous system operation and higher reliability
  • High-bandwidth vehicle bus support for communication between different automotive subsystems with industry-standard CAN FD controllers and CAN transceivers

The SAM DA1 with built in peripheral touch controller (PTC) and LIN interface is ideally suited for in-cabin applications while the SAM V7x with built-in Ethernet MAC supports audio video bridging ideally suited for high-end in car infotainment applications in addition to supporting MOST® connectivity.

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computer interface and robots


Industrial applications, such as, factory automation demand synchronization of various nodes with the ability to operate in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. By using microcontrollers with built-in hardware crypto engines, system designers can easily implement secure communication and data delivery in real time. The challenges of connectivity also include the ability to work with different networking protocols across multiple machines and systems. Microchip solves these challenges in industrial embedded systems by providing:

  • Flexibility to use the connectivity method of your choice through the support of multiple communication protocols like Ethernet with IEEE1588 for the standard, Wi-Fi®, etc. with standard software stacks
  • Hardware based security capabilities to support secure communication within the MCUs to ensure software integrity and enable field upgrades of system software which lowers overall system down time
  • Faster time-to-market with an ecosystem of hardware platforms, software tools and functional support teams
  • Complete Hardware and Software solutions for Motor Control for various types of motors from BLDC to ACIM

 The SAM Cx MCUs provide industrial applications with system noise immunity with 5V operation while the SAM Ex family enables the creation of industrial designs that can incorporate a variety of connectivity interfaces.

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