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Do More With a Versatile Low-Power 8-Bit MCU

Latest PIC® MCU Family Brings Ease of Design with More Core Independent Peripherals

The PIC16F15386 family, the most powerful launching point into the 8-bit PIC® microcontroller (MCU) portfolio. The family offers design flexibility, Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), and a comprehensive, easy-to-use development ecosystem including Microchip’s MPLAB®Xpress - the quickest way to generate application code. The PIC16F15386 family is suitable for a broad range of general purpose and low-power applications.

Design Flexibility and Enhanced System Features

The scalable family offers up to 28KB Flash and 2KB of RAM and 8- to 48-pin package options. It is the first 8-bit PIC MCU family to offer the 48-pin package, adding more ADC channels and I/Os. Memory Access Partition (MAP) supports bootloader write-protection to prevent accidental over-write. Device Information Area (DIA) offers protected storage for unique device identification and calibration values.

Core Independent Peripherals

The family offers high levels of CIP integration to perform system functions (signal generation, motor control, safety monitoring, system communications, and human interface) outside the core while consuming as little power as possible.

Power Conserving Functionality

The MCUs contain power management modes (IDLE/DOZE) that allow designers to optimize device performance and power consumption. The Peripheral Module Disable (PMD) allows unused peripherals to be turned off individually, further reducing power consumption.

Fast Time to Market with Express Series Board

The family-specific Xpress series development board enables projects to start immediately. In only two minutes, engineers may start application code development with the Xpress series board and the cloud-based MPLAB Xpress IDE.

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