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Microchip’s livestream events provide a way for you to connect with the engineers who are at the heart of our latest product offerings. Every livestream allows you to learn and ask questions as Microchip's engineers discuss practical ways to design, prototype and take your next big idea to production. Below, you will find the most recent events, learn how to get more information and take the next steps to take your ideas into reality.


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Think Outside the CPU: MCU Signal Processing Without Using the Core

Still writing Interrupt Service Routines (ISRs) for infrequent signal processing? You may not need to. Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs)—such as Configurable Logic Cells (CLCs) and Direct Memory Access (DMA)—enable signal processing without unnecessary software and Central Processing Unit (CPU) strain. Decreasing the amount of code you need to write adds valuable time back into your busy schedule. So, sit back, relax and get ready to learn about offloading signal processing to core independent peripherals.

Key Takeaways:

  • What a microcontroller “core” is and how to use it to improve system performance
  • How to use a combination of signals to wake up a microcontroller without using a complicated ISR
  • How to implement logic on a PIC® or AVR® device in hardware and why it matters 

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Bringing Analog Signals into the Digital World with PIC® and AVR® MCUs

Reading analog signals from the real world and then turning them into digital signals that a microcontroller (MCU) can understand is one of the most difficult tasks you will face when developing MCU-based sensor applications. Watch this Livestream to learn about some different techniques that you can use with Microchip's 8-bit PIC and AVR MCUs to significantly improve their accuracy and speed when reading analog signals.erations.

Key Takeaways

Get a basic understanding of the types peripherals that you can use with 8-bit MCUs to read analog signals, including Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), Comparator (CMP) and Zero-Crossing Detector (ZCD)

Learn about why ADCs are perfect for hardware filtering applications and why comparators are great for applications where speed is key.

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Not Your Parents' Amplifiers: Design Considerations for Zero-Drift Amplifiers

How does the architecture of a zero-drift amplifier differ from a traditional amplifier? Follow along with Microchip’s marketing and architecture engineers to learn about the architecture and how this unique architecture affects system design considerations. This Livestream covers topics including noise behavior, leakage currents and time domain considerations.

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Smart System Design with click boards

Are you ready to turn your design idea into a real, working prototype? You can get started quickly and inexpensively with AVR® Xplained PRO boards, MikroElektronika click boards™ and the Atmel START configuration tool.

Join our engineers in a discussion on smart system design, with topics including:

  • Accelerating your AVR MCU development with Atmel START
  • Five common rapid prototyping mistakes
  • Building a "smart car" prototype using click boards

Prototyping with Sensors

Follow along with Mamun and Edwin as Mamun creates a heart-rate monitoring wearable device. Learn how easy it is to develop an embedded sensor node prototype using MPLAB® Xpress IDE and MPLAB Code Configurator.

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Rapid Prototyping: click boards in Atmel START

Do you have questions about how to use MikroElektronika click boards with Atmel START? Find out how easy it is to incorporate sensing, control, or communication functionality to your prototype design without the stress and hassle of low level code development and validation.

You can email your questions now to livestream@microchip.com.

For further questions or comments, please visit: http://www.microchip.com/clickstart

The Livestream Toolbox

 is a place to quickly purchase any MCU, development board, or other device featured on any previous livestream.


Getting to Know Your MPLAB® Xpress Evaluation Board


Think Outside the CPU: MCU Signal Processing Without Using the Core


Rapid Prototyping: click boards in Atmel START

Bringing Analog Signals into the Digital World with PIC® and AVR® MCUs

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