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Microchip is pleased to announce expansion of Digitally-Enhanced Power Analog Products

Digitally-Enhanced Power Analog Control

Microchip’s Digitally-Enhanced Power Analog family combines the power and performance of an analog-based controller with the flexibility of a digital interface.

These products maintain the fast and efficient analog feedback loop and incorporate a digital front-end. This digital front-end offers configurability, including the ability to include custom algorithms, as well as a communication interface.


High-Speed Power MOSFETs

Microchip’s new Power MOSFETs combine with our Digitally-Enhanced Power Analog devices to drive high-efficiency, and highly-flexibile, power conversion solutions.

These are low Figure-of-Merit devices, focused on minimizing both on-state resistance (Rds(on)) and gate charge (Qg). They are focused on maximizing power conversion performance, making them ideal for switched-mode power supply applications.


Key Benefits

It's ANALOG–FAST! There's no digital controller or A/D in the feedback loop.

It's DIGITALLY–FLEXIBLE! The digital controller combines seamlessly with the analog controller, allowing on-the-fly adjustments to the operating points, loop compensation, protection limits, MOSFET dead time settings and many other features through its I²C™/PMBus™ interface.

It's INTEGRATED! In addition to the analog and digital controllers, a mid-voltage LDO and synchronous high-side and low-side MOSFET drivers are all integrated into a single package.

It's Simple! Development Tools are available to simplify the configuration and help analog engineers get up and running quickly in their application.