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Secure Your World

Security threats are increasing exponentially in terms of frequency, targeted devices, malignancy and costs of attacks. In today’s vast interconnected world, the need to provide greater security within a customer’s product or system is becoming a standard requirement. To stay one step ahead of the criminal element and prevent theft of software/hardware, intellectual property and data, or communications services, customers today are designing their products with an eye on providing robust, connected and secure systems. Please email us at security_help@microchip.com for more information.
CEC1702 Block Diagram


The CEC1702 is a full-featured ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller with a complete hardware cryptography-enabled solution in a single package. This low-power but powerful, programmable 32-bit microcontroller offers easy-to-use encryption, authentication, private and public key capabilities and allows customer programming flexibility to minimize customer risk.

The CEC1702 also provides significant performance improvements when compared to firmware-based solutions. The device’s hardware cryptographic cipher suite reduces compute time by orders of magnitude over software solutions, and, as an example, provides 20x-50x performance improvement for PKE acceleration as well as 100x improvement for encryption/decryption. This robust hardware-based feature set results in applications that can run security measures quickly, effectively and with significantly lower cost and power consumption.

Key Benefits

  • Secure boot provides a HW-based root of trust
  • Can replace or supplement existing microcontroller
  • Easy-to-use, seamless authentication and encryption capabilities for connected applications

Use Cases

  • Pre-boot authentication of system firmware: Providing an immutable identity and a root of trust to ensure that the firmware is untouched and hasn’t been corrupted 
  • Firmware update authentication: Verifying that the firmware update has not been corrupted and is from a trusted source 
  • Authentication of system critical commands: Attesting that any system-critical command is from a known source with authorization to make the given change, preventing potentially devastating actions
  • Protection of secrets with encryption:Safeguarding code and data to prevent theft or malicious activities 
Secure Boot using CEC1702 System Diagram
A complete set of tools is available to help get your design to market.
CE1702 Clicker

CEC1702 Clicker: MIKROE-2066

CEC1702 clicker is a compact development board with a mikroBUS™ socket for click board connectivity and Microchip’s CEC1702 - a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ -M4 Processor Core, with strong cryptographic support. On the board is an ON/OFF switch, reset button, LED indicators, and a li-polymer battery connector. 

MikroElektronika is a trusted third-party tool provider

CEC1702 Clicker 2

CEC1702 Clicker 2: MIKROE-2067

Clicker for CEC1702 is a compact development board with two mikroBUS sockets for click board™ connectivity. On the board is an ON/OFF switch, reset button, LED indicators, and a li-polymer battery connector.  Clicker 2 for CEC1702 carries two mikroBUS sockets.  In case you need additional components there are 2×26 connection pads lining the edges. The board carries the CEC1702, a 32-bit ARM Cortex -M4 Processor Core, with strong cryptographic support.

MikroElektronika is a trusted third-party tool provider.

Secure IoT 1702 Demo Board

SecureIoT1702 DEMO BOARD

The SecureIoT1702 Demo board is a small form factor evaluation board that can be used for development, evaluation and demos. The SecureIoT1702 Demo board is designed to utilize the processing and the hardware capabilities of the CEC1702 cryptography enabled ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller. Click here for the: SecureIoT1702 Demo Board User’s Guide