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Microchip provides quick, secure and inexpensive programming solutions to our clients:

  • Programming formats for PIC® microcontrollers
  • Add code to your devices that were purchased on microchipDIRECT
  • Application notes and Source code

Programming Formats for PIC® Microcontrollers

Flash (Electrically Re-programmable)

Flash PIC microcontrollers allow erasing and reprogramming of the program memory in the microcontroller. Re-programmability offers a highly flexible solution to today's ever-changing market demands and can substantially reduce time to market. Users can program their systems late in the manufacturing process or update systems in the field. This allows easy code revisions, system parameterization or customer-specific options with no scrappage. Re-programmability also reduces the design verification cycle.

One-Time Programmable (OTP)

OTP PIC microcontrollers are manufactured in high volumes without customer specific software and can be shipped immediately for custom programming. This is useful for customers who need rapid time to market and flexibility for frequent software updates.

In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)

Microchip's Flash and OTP PIC microcontrollers feature ICSP capability. ICSP allows the microcontroller to be programmed after being placed in a circuit board, offering tremendous flexibility, reduced development time, increased manufacturing efficiency and improved time to market. This popular technology enables reduced cost of field upgrades, system calibration during manufacturing and the addition of unique identification codes to the system. Requiring only two I/O pins for most devices, Microchip offers the most non-intrusive programming methodology in the industry.


Microchip's PIC16F87X family features self programming capability. Self programming enables remote upgrades to the Flash program memory and the end equipment through a variety of medium ranging from Internet and modem to RF and infrared. To setup for self programming, the designer programs a simple boot loader algorithm in a code-protected area of the Flash program memory. Through the selected medium, a secure command allows entry into the PIC16F87X microcontroller through the USART, I²C™ or SPI™ serial communication ports. The boot loader is then enabled to reprogram the PIC16F87X Flash program memory with data received over the desired medium. Self programming is accomplished without the need for external components and without limitations on the PIC16F87X's operating speed or voltage.

Quick-Turn Programming (QTP)

Microchip offers a QTP programming service for factory production orders. This service is ideal for customers who choose not to program a medium- to high-unit volume in their own factories, and whose production code patterns have stabilized.

Serialized Quick-Turn Programming (SQTPSMSM)

SQTP is a unique, flexible programming option that allows Microchip to program serialized, random or pseudo-random numbers into each device. Serial programming allows each device to have a unique number that can serve as an entry-code, password or identification number.

Masked ROM

Microchip offers Masked ROM versions of many of its most popular PIC microcontrollers, giving customers the lowest cost option for high-volume products with stable firmware PIC18CXXX PIC17CXXX.