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Product and Process Change Notification (PCN) and End-of-Life (EOL) Notifications

Can I register to receive notifications for all, current and future, device families?
Microchip provides this option to you. On the edit preferences page where is the edit preferences page? under the select your preferences field you must select I am interested in all current and future devices. This will ensure that you are registered for every product offered on the preference page. You will also be registered for products that are added after you have registered how do I register?. Please note: If you opt to select specific devices you will have the option to select "all" for each product category, however this option will only select all of the device families within that category at that time. If a device family is added after you made your selection you will not be registered for that device.
How can I receive email notifications and personalize my service?
On the edit preferences page where is the edit preferences page? you will observe three fields.
Field 1: The select documents field: Please check the box next to product change notifications. If the product change notifications box remains unchecked you will not receive notification emails and you can not view your personalized notification page what is my personalized home page? you may view all notifications though view all notifications.
Field 2: The select email options field: Either select I want an email once per week or I want an email every time option. If one of these options is not selected the system will default to not interested. If not interested is selected you will not receive notifications via email.
Field 3: Select your preferences: You may choose to receive all current and future devices or you may choose specific devices. If you choose all current and future devices you will be registered for every device family Microchip offers including products that are added after you register. If you choose specific devices you will be prompted to select the device families you are interested in for each product category offered. The device families are different from one product category to the next so please view the device families in each product category so that you do not miss devices that you may be interested in. Please click the submit button at the bottom of the page after making your selections to save your selections.
How can I search Microchip’s PCN/EOL notifications?
There are two PCN search options. One option can be initiated from any page found on microchip.com. Please input your search criteria in the search bar located at the top right of any page found on microchip.com. After the search is complete you may refine your search by selecting the product change notification link located in the left navigation bar. This search option searches the entire document including the attachments of each notification found on microchip.com. The second search option can only be initiated when viewing all notifications. How can I view all notifications? Next to the phrase "search by" please select a search option then input your search criteria in the box to the right. This search option searches the information found in one of the column headers in the list of all notifications. This search option will not search the notification document or attachments.
How do I login?
From the PCN/EOL notification landing page select the login link. Fill in the required fields with the email address and password you included at registration how do I register?. You also have the option to remember your account on this computer for this session only, 30days, 60 days, or 1 year. After completing the required fields select sign in and you will be taken to your personalized home page what is my personalized home page?.
How do I register for Microchip’s PCN/EOL notification service?
From the PCN/EOL notification landing page select the register link located in the left navigation bar. You will be directed to complete all fields with an . The email address and password that you include will be used to login the next time you return to Microchip's PCN/EOL notification landing page. How do I login?
I want to change my registration preferences where is the preference page located?
From your personalized home page what is my personalized home page? in the left navigation bar under profile you can select change my preferences. You must be logged in to see the change my preferences link in the left navigation bar how do I login?. The change my preferences link will connect to the edit preferences page and you may personalize your service from this page how do I personalize my service?. Please click the submit button at the bottom of the page after making your selections to save your selections.
What are the advantages of registration and login?
Registration how do I register? allows you the opportunity to select if you would like notifications sent to the email address that you provide. If you select this option after a notification is posted to our website the same notification will be sent to the email address that you provided. You can choose to receive an email each time a PCN or EOL notification is issued or weekly. The weekly option will send notifications that were issued throughout the week on one day. Registration also allows you to select only the products that you are interested in by device family. By making use of this option you will only receive emails for products you selected and after loginhow do I login? your page will be personalized what is my personalized home page? with notifications that affect products that you selected. Guests who select these options will still have the ability to view notifications of device families they did not select. View all notifications.
What are the Product Life Cycle/End of Life and PCN/EOL Notification policies?
The PCN/EOL Notification policy depicts an overview of Microchip's PCN/EOL notification services and procedures while the Product Life Cycle/End of Life policy details Microchip's product obsolescence policy.
What if I do not register can I still view all PCN/EOL notifications?
Yes, anyone with internet access can view any PCN/EOL notification that Microchip has posted on its website. From the PCN/EOL notification landing page guests may select view all notifications. Guests do not have to register or login to view all notifications.
What if I have questions about Microchip’s notification service or a specific notification?
Please contact your local Microchip sales office with questions or concerns.
What is a cancellation notice?
A cancellation notice informs that the notification, previously issued, is being cancelled. The details of the cancellation will be included in the body of the PCN.
What is a final notice?
A final notice is the last notification issued. No other notifications will be issued with the same notification tracking number.
What is an EOL notification?
End of Life (EOL) notification is a document that notifies customers of product discontinuance. Please review Microchip's PCN policyand EOL policy for details.
What is an initial notice?
An initial notice is the issued prior to a final or cancellation notice. A final notice or cancellation notice will be issued following an initial notice.
What is my personalized home page?
After login how do I login? you will be directed to your personalized home page. Your personalized home page lists the product change notifications that you are interested in along with product, software, or tools updates you may have selected at registration how do I register?. From your personalized home page you also have the ability to select other folders you may have on microchip.com, other links on microchip.com, or update your profile.
What is PCN?
Product/Process Change Notification (PCN) is an announcement that informs customers of change. Please review Microchip's PCN policy for details.
What is the notification issue date?
Also called date sent is the date the notification is posted on the PCN/EOL web page and issued to customers registered to receive notifications via email. How do I register?
What is the notification tracking number?
Also called notification ID, or PCN ID is an alphanumeric code assigned to each notification used to identify each notification. The notification ID can be found at the top of each notification and in the column header of the notification list.
What is the PCN Status?
The PCN Status reveals if the notification is an initial noticefinal noticeEOL notice, or cancellation notice.
Where is the PCN/EOL notification landing page?
The PCN/EOL notification landing page can be found by opening microchip.com and then selecting the change notification link under the support pull down menu.