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Product Change Notification - SYST-31OHHK153   (Convert To PDF)

05 Nov 2018
Product Category:
Clock and Timing - Oscillators
Affected CPNs:
Notification subject:
Data Sheet - DSC1103 DSC1123 Data Sheet
Notification text:
Microchip has released a new DeviceDoc for the DSC1103 DSC1123 Data Sheet of devices. If you are using one of these devices please read the document located at DSC1103 DSC1123 Data Sheet.

Data Sheet - DSC1103 DSC1123 Data Sheet

Notification Status: Final

Description of Change: 1) Added ±20 ppm stability references throughout document. 2) Added Section 7.0, Recommended Board Layout.

Impacts to Data Sheet: None

Reason for Change: To Improve Manufacturability

Change Implementation Status: Complete

Date Document Changes Effective: 05 Nov 2018

NOTE: Please be advised that this is a change to the document only the product has not been changed.

Markings to Distinguish Revised from Unrevised Devices: N/A

Please contact your local Microchip sales office with questions or concerns regarding this notification.

Terms and Conditions:

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