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Product Change Notification - S200000025 - JAON-14FRVC158   (Convert To PDF)

07 Nov 2018
Product Category:
Clock and Timing - Clock and Data Distribution; Clock and Timing - High Speed Communication
Affected CPNs:
Notification subject:
CCB 1737.11 Final Notice: Release to production of listed Micrel Clock and Timing product type manufactured with the S2 process technology to Microchip Fab.
Notification text:

PCN Status:  
Final Notification

Note: This final PCN only pertains to the products listed in this PCN. Additional final PCNs may be issued for this combination of product type and process technology.

PCN Type:
Manufacturing Change

Microchip Parts Affected:
Please open one of the icons found in the Affected CPNs section above.

NOTE: For your convenience Microchip includes identical files in two formats (.pdf and .xls).

Description of Change: 
Release to production of listed Micrel Clock and Timing product type manufactured with the S2 process technology to Microchip Fab.

NOTE: Please review the FAQ linked here for additional information about this change. 

Pre Change:
Fabricated at Micrel fabrication site (San Jose, CA, USA) using 6 inch wafers. 

Post Change:
Fabricated at Microchip fabrication site using 8 inch wafers.  

Pre and Post Change Summary:

Pre Change

Post Change

Fab Site

Micrel fabrication site

(San Jose, CA, USA)

Microchip fabrication site

Wafer Size

6 inch wafers

8 inch wafers

Impacts to Data Sheet:  

Reason for Change:
To improve productivity with the closure of the Micrel fab as part of the integration of Micrel and Microchip. 

Change Implementation Status:
In Progress

Estimated First Ship Date:
Estimated First Ship Date (EFSD) are identified for each catalog part numbers (CPN) listed in the attached parts list. This can be found in the attachments field below labeled as PCN_#_Affected_CPN.

Summary Time Table of notable events to date:

September 2015


November 2016


November 2018

December 2018




















Initial PCN Issue Date



Qual Report Available



Final PCN Issue Date



Estimated First Ship Date

As listed in the attached parts list.

Markings to Distinguish Revised from Unrevised Devices:  

Traceability code and shipping label see FAQ.

Revision History:
September 1, 2015: Issued initial notification as PCN number CYER-31JLEX869.
November 4, 2016: Issued intermediate notification as PCN number JAON-14FRVC158. Attached the Qualification Report. Revised the estimated first ship date (EFSD) to inform that the EFSD will be revealed in the final PCN.
November 07, 2018: Issued final notification as PCN number JAON-14FRVC158-S200000025 for listed Micrel’s Clock and Timing products manufactured with the S2 process technology. Provided estimated first ship date (EFSD) for each CPN listed in the attached parts list.

The change described in this PCN does not alter Micrel’s or Microchip’s current regulatory compliance regarding the material content of the applicable products.

Please contact your local Microchip sales office with questions or concerns regarding this notification.

Terms and Conditions:

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