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Product Change Notification - JAON-04YDYB109   (Convert To PDF)

20 Jul 2015
Product Category:
32-bit PIC Microcontrollers; Supertex; Touch Sensing Technologies; 16-bit Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Controllers; Analog (Linear & Mixed Signal) AND Interface; Analog (Thermal, Power Management & Safety); SMSC; 8-bit Microcontrollers
Notification subject:
CCB 1475 Final Notice: Qualification of C194 lead-frame for selected QFN and UQFN packages at NSEB assembly site.
Notification text:

PCN Status: 
Final notification

Microchip Parts Affected:
See attachments of affected catalog part numbers (CPN) labeled as…

Description of Change:
Qualification of C194 lead-frame, for 16L QFN (4x4x0.9mm), 16L QFN (3x3x0.9mm), 20L QFN (4x4x0.9mm), 28L QFN (6x6x0.9mm), 64L QFN (9x9x0.9mm), 28L UQFN (4x4x0.5mm) and 48L UQFN (6x6x0.5mm) packages at NSEB.

Pre Change:
EFTEC-64T lead frame

Post Change:
EFTEC-64T or C194 lead frame

Impacts to Data Sheet: 

Reason for Change:
To improve on-time delivery performance by qualifying an additional lead frame material

Change Implementation Status:
In Progress

Estimated First Ship Date:
August 3, 2015 (date code: 1532)

NOTE:  Please be advised that after the estimated first ship date customers may receive pre and post change parts.

Markings to Distinguish Revised from Unrevised Devices:  
Traceability code

Revision History:
February 16, 2015: Issued initial notification.
July 20, 2015: Issued final notification. Attached the qualification report. Revised the estimated first ship date from April 30, 2015 to August 3, 2015.

The change described in this PCN does not alter Microchip’s current regulatory compliance regarding the material content of the applicable products.

Please contact your local Microchip sales office with questions or concerns regarding this notification.

Terms and Conditions:

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