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Bluetooth® Data Solutions

For customers interested in basic Bluetooth data connections, Microchip offers a Bluetooth stack supporting SPP data transfer for free. Two application demos are included in the main Harmony download package (v1.03 and greater) that include:

Temp_sens_RGB: is a free SPP based data demonstration to enable bidirectional data with the PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit (DM320018). This application enables an Android handset to communicate with the board to illuminate a multi-color LED via PWM inputs, and receive periodic updates from an on board temperature sensor back to the handset. This also comes with source code for the Android OS application.

Data_basic: is a free SPP application that interacts with several platforms to enable general read and write of user IO. This interacts with switches and LEDs on the various boards and shows a mechanism for read/write access to the SPP stack.