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PIC32 Bluetooth® Audio Package for Harmony

PIC32 Bluetooth® Audio Package for Harmony

Microchip offers premium components for MPLAB® Harmony that are not included with the free basic framework download. This includes the basic Bluetooth audio package for Harmony, which is a complete software package for customers looking to enable audio playback with remote control, in a Bluetooth application.

  • MPLAB Harmony Configuration Installer Requires MPLAB Harmony Software Framework
  • Supports PIC32MX and PIC32MZ MCU
  • Microchip Bluetooth Audio Stack
  • Bluetooth Audio SBC Decoder
  • BT Audio Protocols and Profiles for SPP, A2DP, AVRCP,AVDTP and AVCTP
  • Supported by PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit, Bluetooth Starter Kit and PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit with the Multimedia Expansion Board II.
  • MPLAB Harmony Installer support for Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®, OS

Please click here to purchase PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Package for MPLAB Harmony

Advanced, non-MPLAB Harmony based Bluetooth applications are also available for PIC32 devices. For more information on these libraries please click here - www.microchip.com/pic32btsuites

Additional audio decoder libraries are available as add-on modules, supporting MP3 and AAC decode.

For more information on these libraries, please see the following links.

PIC32 MP3 Decoder Library for MPLAB Harmony

PIC32 AAC Decoder Library for MPLAB Harmony