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Microsoft WMA Decoder Library for PIC32

MPLAB MPLAB Harmony Framework Only

Windows Media Audio (WMA) developed by Microsoft, is a format enabling the storage of digital audio using the Lossy compression algorithm.

The Microchip WMA Decoder can decode audio signals sampled at up to 48 kHz with up to two discrete channels. The WMA Decoder also supports VBR and CBR encoded audio stream. In most circumstances, .wma files are contained in Advance Systems Format (ASF), which is supported by the WMA Decoder. Microchip technology provides software libraries allowing customers to build audio applications with high quality and professional results. The WMA Decoder library is optimized (C/ASM) and is available for all PIC32MX devices.

The Microchip WMA Library is only available in binary format, and is only available to Windows Media Component Licensees.The cost of the WMA Binary Library is $199.97

Please click here to purchase the Microsoft WMA Decoder Library for PIC32 MPLAB Harmony Framework Only.

Test Environment Details

The WMA Decoder binary, WMA_decoder.a, was targeted and tested using MPLAB® X IDE, v2.10 and the MPLAB XC32 C/C++ Compiler, v1.32 on the PIC32MX470F512L device.

Resource Requirements for WMA Decoder:

ModuleFlask KB
Program Memory53.60
Table Memory (ROM)44.85
Decoder State Memory0.43
Decoder Stack Memory0.8
Decoder Heap Memory31

Test Vector: 44 kHz, Stereo Channel, CBR, 192.106 kbps bit rate

Microsoft WMA Decoder Library for PIC32 is also available in MLA. Click Here for details