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PIC32 Compact MP3 Decoder for MPLAB® Harmony

MP3 Decoder Libraries for PIC32

MP3 is a compression format for storing digital audio data. It is an audio codec that has the capability to compress the original audio source with minor loss in sound quality. The higher the compression ratio, the lower the quality. Therefore, there is a balancing act between file size and audio quality. With the right combination, MP3 encoded data can provide very high quality audio.

Microchip offers a compact MP3 Decoder library that enables usage on small memory footprint PIC32MX and also PIC32MZ devices, thus reducing your system level cost. To purchase this library (available only on CD) either in source or binary form, Microchip must verify purchasing company is a Technicolor licensee.

MP3 Decoder Libraries for PIC32

Microchips’ compact MP3 algorithm is designed to fit in small memory footprint PIC32MX as well as PIC32MZ Microcontrollers. This code requires only 28MIPS of performance (CD Quality audio), 42KB Flash and 11KB RAM for operation on the PIC32. This software is a plug-in module for the MPLAB Harmony Framework, and is not compatible with MLA.

This part number is for modifiable source code.

Please note that this software requires patent-only licensing through Technicolor.

Please click here to purchase this software via MicrochipDirect

PIC32 Compact MP3 Decoder for MPLAB Harmony

Additionally, Microchip offers the compact MP3 library as non-MPLAB Harmony, MLA compliant packages available below.

Compact MP3 Decoder Library for PIC32MX, MLA based.