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Visual Design Tools

MPLAB® Harmony's Visual Design Tools enable designers to develop of interactive graphics user interfaces (GUIs) by reducing the need to memorize graphics object information and improving the edit-compile-execute cycle and allows developers to work in the same space as users.

mplab harmony

MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Composer

MPLAB Harmony Graphics Composer (MHGC) is Microchips industry-leading graphical user interface (GUI) design tool for PIC32 Microcontrollers. As a fully-integrated component of MPLAB Harmony Configurator, MHGC will accelerate your application's front end design without leaving the MPLAB X IDE.

mplab harmony configurator
  • Concept to glass in minutes without writing a single line of code.
  • Configure projects for your GUI requirements.
  • Drag and drop widgets and objects directly into the design with WYSIWYG design simplicity.
  • Extend your brand by importing custom images.
  • Design directly for MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Primitive Library
  • New Display Manager plug-in for prototyping new and non-standard displays that are not supported in MPLAB Harmony
MHGC is fully integrated in MHC, which is available as a MPLAB X IDE plug-in. For details on how to install MHC, please click here.

MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Composer provides more tools to help you create your GUI faster and better.


new display manager
Display Manager Plug-in

Display Manager plug-in enables quick support for new and unsupported displays in MPLAB Harmony. 

Display Manager GUI within MHC

  • Brings relevant configuration settings to one screen
  • Provides simulated timing characteristics

Adaptive LCC graphics driver

  • Generated base on configuration settings
  • Supports standard and non-standard display sizes

Display Manager Supports Any Display Resolution and Orientation

  • Provides ease of configuration to graphical displays within the Harmony framework
  • Fast prototyping of new displays
  • Cuts down development time from weeks to hours
  • Seamless conversion of datasheet timing values to simulated timing waveform
  • Generates tailor fit customized driver utilizing LCCG technology
  • Supports non-standard display resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Lowers the barrier of entry for novice graphics developers

Event Manager

The Graphics Composer Event Manager provides a GUI interface to manage all of the events associated with a graphics application.

  • Rapid event handler configuration.
  • Button pushes, key strokes, touch gestures
  • Ties actions to events associated with graphics widgets as well as events outside of the graphics library

Image, Font, & String Asset Managers

Provides valuable tools for understanding and modifying the affects that fonts and pictures have on your overall graphics design.

  • Configure memory allocations for graphics assets, including external media
  • Resize, crop and reformat images for optimal quality and memory usage
  • Manage languages, fonts and strings
  • Direct fonts to specific locations in memory
  • Support for dynamic string, glyph, and string table management

Resource Allocation Monitor

  • Provides a detailed report of asset allocation
  • Very Helpful for optimizing flash resource management

Heap Usage Calculator

  • Provides accurate estimate of heap consumption base on assets and screen design
  • Significant development time saver

Advanced Visual Help

    • Integrated directly into Composer
    • Supported for every widget and layer

SEGGER emWin Pro Library

emWin from SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH and Co. KG is a software graphics library that provides efficient GUI building blocks for applications that operate with a graphical LCD.

  • Complete ANSIC code, no need to C++
  • RTOS independent
  • GUIBuilder drag-and-drop design interface
  • Robust graphics widget and shape drawing library
  • Alternative for MPLAB Harmony Graphics Object Library and Primitive Layer
  • SEGGER development tool chain and utilities
  • Integrated with MPLAB Harmony Configurator
  • Free for Microchip Users & available as part of MPLAB Harmony Software Framework