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Add MikroElectronika click boards to your design in minutes with Atmel Start

To help you bring your ideas to life even faster, we’ve added quick-start middleware libraries for MikroElektronika click boards™ into the web-based START configuration utility. Now, you can easily incorporate sensing, control, or communication functionality to your prototype design without the stress and hassle of low level code development and validation. Bookmark this site and check back frequently for new videos, upcoming events and newly added click boards. help.

You don’t want to miss new videos, events, or click boards we add to the library. Bookmark this site and check in frequently for updates.

How to get started in 4 easy steps

If you're new to this, there are only 4 easy steps to get up and running with MikroElektronika click boards™ in START:

Step 1 - Open START
START is a web-based tool and doesn't require a specific IDE be installed. You will be able to export your configuration to Atmel Studio 7, third-party IDEs, or a general MAKEFILE.
Step 2 - Choose a Development Board

Many of our newest development boards feature mikroBUS™ socket support or you can get the Xplained Pro mikroBus Adapter to attach to the Xplained Pro development boards.

Step 3 - Select Your click boards™

Select one of the many different click boards supported by START.

Step 4 - Watch a tutorial

Our brief tutorials will walk you through the steps required to use the library corresponding to the click board you've chosen.

What are we talking about?


START is a free web-based code configuration tool which can generate outputs for Atmel Studio 7 Integrated Development Environment. It generates easily modifiable, production-ready application code for many AVR and SAM MCUs in just a few mouse clicks. For more info, visit start.atmel.com

MikroElektronika click boards™

Mikroelektronika Click add-on boards are the easiest way to add sensors, human interface, control, or wireless communications interfaces to your design. Based around the mikroBUS™ interface standard, click boards™ add incredible capability to any system with ease.

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