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2006/06/18 01:46:44 (permalink)

JAL v2 released


The beta team is please to announce the release of JAL version 2.0 (JALv2)

JALv2 is a high-level language for Microchip TM PIC microcontrollers
JAL – J*ust A*nother L*anguage was originally written by Wouter van Ooijen as a
HLL better suited to PIC architecture yet understandable by new users. Sharing similarities with PASCAL it has evolved into a solid language with an enthusiastic user base.

Jalv2 is complete rewrite by Kyle York, author of PICbsc http://www.casadeyork.com/robot/picbsc/, building upon this proven core
producing highly optimized code while embracing JAL’s simplicity, syntax and style.

JALv2 now introduces many new powerful features enhancing the already strong suite, as highlighted below:
  • 8, 16 and 32 bit words fully supported
  • Signed and unsigned word variables
  • user definable types
  • Automatic BANK handling
  • Automatic PAGE handling
  • multiple interrupt routines allowed
  • Built in support for multiple tables, each up to 255 values long
  • Real Bit support OR, XOR, AND, NOT, Set, Test
  • arithmetic shift for signed types
  • Array functions – count etc
  • highly accurate delay function
  • Seamless Inline assembler support
  • Supports popular bootloaders
  • Enhanced New-User-Friendly Documentation
Supported Devices:
  • Users have the ability to add any device utilizing the 16F architecture
  • Initial release 2.0.0 supports 12F-series and 16F-series
Key Benefits:
  • Convenience: the user can use variables and registers without worrying about the intricacies of PIC architecture banks
  • Speed: an easy to understand language one can quickly develop functional programs
  • Power: powerful features simplify programming
  • Customization: outputs assembler and hex for unique customization situations
  • Optimal Code, the compiler optimizes the code to be very tight, but keeping it still good readable
System Requirements:
Win98, Win2000, WinXP, Linux, freeBSD, MAC
  • WINDOWS executable and installer supplied – see below
  • LINUX & FreeBSD - JALv2 is tested on LINUX and FreeBSD, recommend the user compile the ANSI C source under their flavour of LINUX or FreeBSD.
  • MAC - JALv2 is written in ANSI C, - compatible source is provided.

Pricing & Availability
FREE - Version 2.0.0 is available immediately

JALv2 windows installer- basic package includes JALedit, manual, libraries:
http://www.wattystuff.net/jal2pic/downloads/jal_v2_package_very_small.exe (1.8 MB)

JALv2 windows installer- full package includes JALedit, manual, libraries, JALss (simulator), INC2JAL (Microchip TM  register translation):
http://www.wattystuff.net/jal2pic/downloads/jal_v2_package.exe (5.2 MB)

JALv2 latest release:

The Source (freeBSD license) is available at:

Libraries and Documentation
Basic Examples are included in the Windows distribution and documented
in the new enhanced MANUAL:

Stef Mientki’s extensive JAL libraries have been updated for JALv2, you always can find the latest version under the tab JAL-libraries on  

Demo Programs, including all libraries(already included in the windows installer)
http://www.wattystuff.net/jal2pic/downloads/jal_v2_demos.zip (120 kB)

JAL V2 Migration Document - updating from JAL 0.4xx and additional notes under the tab JAL-v2 on  

Supporting Software

JALedit A simple but yet complete Editor / IDE, has been updated by original author Sunish Issac to seamlessly work with JALv2 accommodating new JAL features and adding user enhancements.
JALeditv2 has been endorsed by the Beta team.
JALeditv2 is available separately:

Textpad- owners of Textpad may wish to use this configuration

ViM editor for linux has been tested with JALv2 by the developers:

INC2JAL TRANSLATION -- a Windows-only tool to translate MPASM registers to JALv2 is provided:
http://www.wattystuff.net/jal2pic/downloads/inc2jal.zip (330 kB)

For further information:
Contact and Support via the Yahoo JAL users group: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/jallist

Microchip Technology http://www.microchip.com is the leading 8-bit microcontroller vendor in units sold and second in overall revenue. http://biz.yahoo.com/ibd/060516/general01.html

Approved by the Beta Team (alphabetically):
Bert van Dam, Sunish Issac, Dave Lagzdin, Javier Martinez
Stef Mientki, Wouter van Ooijen, Michael Reynolds, André Steenveld
Joep Suijs, Vasile Surducan, Michael Watterson, Kyle York

DJL 06/16/2006
 --------------- end ---------------------------

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    RE: JAL v2 released 2006/06/18 13:39:53 (permalink)
    Will JAL be supporting 18F PICs in the future?
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    RE: JAL v2 released 2006/06/18 14:01:21 (permalink)
    I think it will ...
    ... but don't know for sure and when.
    Just today we started a discussion to implement the 18F,
    in the same way as it was done in previous JAL versions by Wouter van Ooijen,
    a simple replacement by equivalent statements ...
    ... but I'm not sure the current developer, Kyle York, is in for that ;-)
    As it is open source ....

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